Ventiga Capital Partners and Infare Solutions

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Infare Solutions supplies airfare data and intelligence tools to 240 airlines, 20 airports and several online travel agents worldwide. The airfare intelligence tools help translate airfares into actionable competitive insight, enabling customers to quickly visualise billions of airfares, thus getting an overview of price development at flight, route, network or overall airport level.

The company is based in Copenhagen and employs around 60 specialist staff in offices around the globe.


Ventiga Capital Partners required a trusted advisor to assess the technology operations currently in place at Infare Solutions and QL2. This included analysis of the technology underpinning both organisations, the scalability of technology platforms, the security of the data centre management, and the potential impact of technology on the business plan.

Any risks associated with the integration of the technology of the two organisations also had to be assessed. Ensuring that quality of service to clients was maintained during the transfer of customers between Infare Solutions and QL2 was imperative.

How Intuitus helped

Intuitus was engaged to undertake technology due diligence to address these issues on behalf of Ventiga Capital Partners.

The Intuitus team fully understood the commercial questions we were looking to address regarding the technology operations at both organisations.

Otto Gernandt, Director at Ventiga Capital Partners

“The report provided a full commercial overview from an investment perspective, as well as advising on value creation opportunities post deal.” says Otto Gernandt, Director at Ventiga Capital Partners.

“Having Intuitus on board to advise on the technology operations gave us confidence as potential investors, particularly given that the target company is so reliant on technology.” Gernandt continues.

As part of the due diligence Intuitus also provided details of the key technology priorities that should be addressed in the first 100 days post-completion. “The report highlighted some key risks in the technology operations, so we’ve spent time over the last few months mitigating these risks and acting on other recommendations within the report, such as the selection of a new ERP system,” says Gernandt.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Infare Solutions is currently prioritising the successful implementation of the merger with QL2. The focus has been on hiring new talent and successfully onboarding key new clients.

“The recent growth within the data sector has been exponential,” says Gernandt. “We expect that Infare Solutions will continue to grow and we’ll be supporting them fully. Product development and exploring new verticals will be key. Technology is fundamental to the expansion of Infare Solutions, and we’re confident that the technology operations we now have in place will support this growth.”

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