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Posted on Mar 2020

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Our client’s world is changing – the deal landscape is more competitive with multiple funds bidding for the same assets. Deal timescales are shortening which brings a need to get up to speed and mobilise very quickly. That means that we are constantly looking to improve and evolve our delivery model to reflect what’s happening in the private equity environment. We know we need to be able to move fast but not at the expense of quality. We need to maintain the level of quality insight that we are known for. We have been around for nearly 20 years, so this isn’t new to us! We’re on the same journey. Our services and the processes that support the delivery of these have evolved a lot since the early days. We constantly move with the times.

We have set the bar high. Our delivery model needs to keep raising that bar and do this in an increasingly time pressured environment. Some of the more recent developments to our services have been a response to that. We are mindful of the need for ‘bursts of insight’ at specific times, so we offer Expert Calls and Pre-Bid services which focus on outside-in analysis and are designed to help inform the client’s immediate next decisions, before the deal moves into traditional Due Diligence space.

Of course, our DNA is in Buy/Sell Side Due Diligence across all industry sectors. We have been doing this for a long time, and with over a thousand due diligences under our belt, we know how to quickly zone in, past the noise, to the things that our clients care about. We look for potential for value creation versus value drag and provide the client with a thorough, insightful and action-oriented assessment. We are able to do this because we have honed a service delivery model that gives you the best of both worlds. We have dedicated delivery teams (we call them pods) who are aligned to our clients. Each pod is co-led by an experienced Business Relationship Manager and a Managing Consultant who are experienced, seasoned IT professionals. They understand the private equity environment. This ensures that we build long lasting relationships with our clients and we get to understand better their preferred ways of working. We combine this with relevant C-level industry and technology experts from our Consultant Network who are hand-picked for each engagement.

We are very proud of our pods. They are high performing teams who work exceptionally well together and regularly go above and beyond for their clients. We are equally fortunate to be able to attract an exceptional network of consultants from most industry sectors world-wide. These guys are fantastic and they just jump in - join the pod for a few weeks and work together superbly to produce an outcome that we are all proud of.

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