COVID-19: How Business Continuity Planning will change

Posted on May 2020

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COVID-19 has transformed the way I would approach business continuity planning in the future. It has extended the boundaries of what needs to be considered. For example, organisations must now plan for simultaneous multi-site and cross-regional business impacts. They may not just be able to move production to another site if the other site is also impacted.

I will also have much more scrutiny of supplier’s own business continuity plans, looking further down the supply chain to understand the impact on my business.

I would also maintain closer links to industry and trade lobbying organisations, both to gain trusted information about the situation and to gain both local and national government support and advice.

I would also question if businesses need to have onsite capabilities going forward? Better to use hybrid cloud services across multiple providers to mitigate risk. Even better to adopt managed SaaS applications rather than IaaS or PaaS that you still require to manage rather than just ‘use’.

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