What is a data strategy?

Posted on Jun 2019

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As business becomes increasingly digital and the volume of data available to companies increases, so the question of how data is captured and used is coming to the fore, and with it the concept of data strategy.

Data is an asset, like any other, and so building a robust data strategy helps a business to maximise the returns on this asset.

Data strategy underpins all digital initiatives. Whether that’s transforming and automating key processes through technology, or finding new ways to monetise business data.

We are finding more and more that digital technology initiatives are key to an investment thesis. That means getting the right data strategy should be an essential part of early planning to position the investment well for a successful exit.

To help you understand more about the impact this can have on your investments we gathered three of our experts to discuss all things data strategy. Their insights provide new ways to think about data strategy and highlight the importance of having a strategy in place to optimise returns from your investments.

To find out more about data strategy download our whitepaper.

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